Welcome to the CRFP Exam Online Preparation Course!

Finally an online Prep Course designed by RFMA Member experts to help all RFMA members be the best restaurant facility professionals they can be.  It's comprehensive.  It's all-new.  It's self-paced. And it's FREE for every RFMA member.

So whether you're ready to brush up or expand your facility knowledge or go to the next level and take the exam for your CRFP credential - the choice is yours, and this one-of-a-kind course is for you!

From the toolbar you can access the "Catalog" and "My Learning Activities".  The catalog tab has all 14 lessons and the CRFP Exam Prep Course - Final Exam.  You decide which lesson to study first.  Each lesson has pre questions to test your knowledge level, a study lesson that is designed specifically for restaurant facility professionals in that specific trade and post questions to evaluate your retention of the content of each lesson.  Each lesson will have a Certificate of Completion so you can track your progress through the course.  This information is also available under "My Learning Activities"

Once you've completed this course successfully you will be ready to sit for the official CRFP exam to earn your credential. (Click here) to register for the official CRFP exam.

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